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6 Valuable Household Services that Homeowners Overlook

When you consider which household services you must prioritize as a homeowner, you likely think of the obvious — lawn and landscaping maintenance, keeping up with interior and exterior paint jobs, plumbing, utilities. But sometimes the overlooked responsibilities are actually the unsung heroes of maintaining a safe, secure, and comfortable home. Don’t skip these essential services.

1. Chimney Inspections

Regardless of the fireplace type (gas, wood, pellet stove, oil stove, cook stove, and more), if your household enjoys a warm fire from time to time, it’s important to schedule an annual chimney inspection to keep up with regular maintenance.

A reputable chimney sweep company won’t simply perform a run-of-the-mill cleaning and hit the road; comprehensive chimney care should include a full visual and physical evaluation to identify any issues and provide only the necessary repairs or cleaning. This includes ensuring the duct is free of excess buildup, there are no animal nests present, and that the fireplace heating capabilities are fully functional.

On the exterior chimney surface, waterproofing is often necessary to protect against moisture damage. The ultimate goal is to provide an efficient fireplace that you and your family can safely enjoy at your leisure for years to come.

2. Locksmith Services

You may not assume you need to keep up where the best local locksmith is located… until you find yourself locked out of the house unexpectedly (and usually at the most inconvenient time)! For this reason alone, it’s wise to keep a reputable 24/7 neighborhood locksmith’s contact information saved in your phone.

Additional home lock services to consider include rekeying for increased security and durability; specialty lock repair (such as older mortise locks and unit locks); and remote lock control installation (an especially accessible option for households with limited mobility residents or those with health concerns).

3. Bathtub Refinishing

Yes, it’s true — bathtub refinishing, reglazing, and resurfacing are all critical home services! Because the bathroom is often the highest-moisture room in the house, it is especially susceptible to mold and mildew growth. If there’s one place in the bathroom where moisture-loving fungi love to hang out most, it’s undoubtedly the shower and tub (for obvious reasons).

In particular, tub and shower corners accumulate water from bathing, and over time mold will crop up in these hotspots. Mold can even develop underneath your existing tub finish, slowly but surely wearing down its quality and affecting air quality! Refinishing will not only restore a clean look and durability to this bathroom focal point — it will also improve overall hygiene.

4. Sealing Tile

While we’re on the subject of tub and shower maintenance, there’s another key area you shouldn’t overlook — tiling. Low-quality or aged grout can wreck your prized tile job as it stains and cracks. Avoid this by hiring a professional to clean, seal, or refresh grout with a durable and stain-proof option that is compatible with surface materials from ceramic to porcelain or natural stone.

5. Home Inspections

When is a professional home inspection in order? Don’t skip this step if you’re planning to sell your home, purchase a home, build a new home or begin construction, or are anticipating the expiration date of a 1-year builder warranty. Your inspector will perform a thorough visual and physical evaluation of the property in question and provide a report detailing key findings about the construction condition, quality, integrity, functionality, and so much more. Ensure your buying or selling decision is well-informed before taking the leap to list or make an offer.

6. Gutter Cleaning

It’s easy to overlook your gutters — after all, they’re typically overhead, out of sight, and out of mind. However, they’re actually doing a lot of heavy lifting to protect your roof and overall home, as they redirect rainwater and accumulated moisture away from the vulnerable exterior. If left unmanaged over time, they will inevitably collect debris such as leaves, twigs, and mold plus pests such as insects or rodents. This will affect drainage and directly contribute to roof leaks and water damage. Avoid the headache by scheduling regular gutter cleanings!

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