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Comprehensive Home Lock Services

Sleep easier at night, with home lock services from our company in Seattle, Washington. From lock rekeying to remote lock control – ideal for those with mobility or health concerns, Broadway Locksmith Inc. covers all of your residential lock needs. We are Emtek dealers and can get you just the right lock to match your overall decor. Come in and ask and we can narrow down the exact style of lock, finish and keyway that you need. Buy a lock from us and we will rekey it to match your key for free.

Along with typical door locks we offer many other services, including:

  • Latch Guard Installation
  • Rekeying
  • Key Fitting for Luggage, Lockers, & File Cabinets
  • High Security Medeco & Primus Locks
  • New Hardware Installation
  • Door & Jam Reinforcement
  • Mortise-Style Lock Set Repair
  • Rebuilding, & Replacement
  • Unlocking, Lockpicking

Broadway Locksmith can unlock your door if you are locked out. Don’t call some scam company that advertises $19 and up, or you will end up paying up. Way up, like over $200. We charge less than $100 all day to unlock your door and we use lockpicks so there is no damage to your lock or door. When we unlock your door, your key will still work and you will be inside less than an hour from when you called, probably less than thirty minutes.

Broadway Locksmith is one of the only businesses in Seattle that will repair your handsome old mortise lock or unit lock. Don’t replace that beautiful, stately old lock on your front door – we can fix it! That lock is probably over fifty years old and with our expert service it may last another fifty. Don’t let somebody replace that lock with some cheap thing from the hardware store that was made with cast potmetal! Bring it to us. We will fix worn parts by brazing them or replacing them with our extensive collection of mortise locks that cover an entire wall. We maintain a wide variety of springs to keep these old stalwarts in use long after locks new from the hardware store will be languishing in the dustbin.

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