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Key Duplication and Generation

Broadway Locksmith has one of the largest key blank selections in the greater Seattle area. We even make “skeleton” keys to fit the 100 year old locks in the neighborhoods throughout our service area, something of a lost art. Our key machines are calibrated to within .0001 inches and our copies are so accurate that we can make a fifth generation copy of a key that will still work flawlessly in the lock the first generation works in. Contrast that with keys from a hardware store, where getting a working copy can be a real crapshoot.

At Broadway we also have the ability to generate an original code key from your worn key by comparing your key’s cuts to the factory code depths. In many cases creating a code key can alleviate lock problems like difficulty in turning your key. It can also prevent unnecessary wear on the wafers in your car’s locks. If you have the code for your key we can cut a key to match it also. This can save you a lot of money!

Broadway Locksmith has been a family owned business since the 50’s. We have numerous code books for steamer trunks and padlocks that may be some of the last in existence! If you have an old steamer trunk, not only can we unlock it for you but we can also cut you a code key generated from our large code library of books from the early 20th century, something that many other locksmiths won’t have.

Get your keys stamped for free here. If you want us to sequentially stamp your keys so everybody’s key is identifiable, we will do it for no extra cost.

  • Code key cutting derived from a worn key or code
  • Key duplication while you wait – walk out in two minutes!
  • Key Fitting for Luggage, Lockers, & File Cabinets
  • High Security Medeco & Primus Locks
  • Huge key blank selection
  • Free parking in our parking lot
  • Code key generation based on
  • Get 100 keys cut within the hour
  • Custom “skeleton” bit keys filed by hand

Stop in to our shop and get that 100 year old key copied that nobody else has blanks for!

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